Our Work

PLANTING: Working with Trees Atlanta, its longtime collaborator, Tree Watch sponsors at least one neighborhood planting each year, typically on a Saturday morning in January or February. Tree Watch has planted roughly 1,000 trees in Inman Park since 2000, which represent more than 80 different species and cultivars.

  • To learn how to arrange for a tree to be planted in your yard or sidewalk planting strip, click here.
  • To volunteer to help at our next scheduled tree planting, or if you have other questions about our planting program, contact us.

CARE: Tree Watch works all year long to care for our neighborhood’s older and younger trees. Ongoing maintenance encompasses the essential tasks of pruning, mulching, and watering. In addition, Tree Watch is always engaged in any number of special projects.

  • We bring Atlanta’s best arborists and urban foresters here to advise Inman Park on tree protection during sidewalk projects;  to treat specimen trees for insect infestation or disease; and to supply other expertise when expertise is crucially important.
  • We assist other IPNA committees on tree-related activities: forest restoration in our parks, for example.
  • We coordinate with entities such as Georgia Power and the city’s Department of Parks and Recreation to address problems with tree health.
  • Interested in helping us nurture our wonderful trees in Inman Park? Contact us.

ADVOCACY: Trees, unfortunately, can’t speak for themselves. Occasionally, therefore, Tree Watch undertakes to speak for them.

  • We may assist a homeowner in appealing a decision by a city arborist, in order to rescue a tree from being cut down unnecessarily.
  • We document damage to our neighborhood trees by contractors, film crews, and the like, so that both IPNA and property owners have the information they will need to pursue solutions.
  • We engage in citywide discussions and initiatives relating to Atlanta’s urban forest, adding the voice of Inman Park to the important decisions that will have to be made about trees in a city expected to more than double in population by 2040.
  • Want to report a tree in need of an advocate? Contact us.

EDUCATION: At Tree Watch, we want our efforts to be like the proverbial pebble dropped into a pool of water. Education, we hope, will succeed in turning those little  ripples into waves! Here are some educational efforts and activities that Tree Watch has sponsored in the past:

  • Inman Park Neighborhood Arboretum
  • guided tree walks
  • speaker series hosted by the Trolley Barn
  • informative essays in the Advocator, e.g., on the environmental consequences of spraying to control mosquitoes
  • surveys of Inman Park opinion, e.g., concerning leaf blowers
  • workshops on how to prune trees
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