Grand Circus Park

View of fountain among trees in Grand Circus Park; park benches and footpath in foreground. Young boy stands on lawn near garden bed; buildings in background. Printed on front: “Detroit, Mich., West Grand Circus Park.” Printed on back: “West Grand Circus Park. The oldest of Detroit’s breathing grounds, situated almost in the center of the city’s retail district, is Grand Circus Park. Magnificent shade trees are everywhere, real monarchs of the forest, that started to grow before ever a white man set his foot on what is now the State of Michigan. This park was set aside in 1854 under the general re-districting of the city. The building in the background is the Hotel Tuller. 122, published by A.C. Dietsche, Detroit, Mich. and Frankfort, Germany. Made in Germany.” Handwritten on back: “3/1/09. I received your letter this a.m. and was glad to hear from you. This has been a fine day and quite warm. I practiced baseball for awhile this p.m. and got along pretty good. E.A.S.” Card is postmarked March 1, 1909.

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