What’s a tree planter to do? How do I contact the “Lannister Living Trust” or “Shabangos LLC” to discuss my idea for a new shade tree in the yard or a couple of new street trees? Is Robert Downey Jr., Owen Wilson, or Kirsten Dunst going to chat with me about the virtues of a Quercus alba versus a Quercus pagoda? Are the owners and employees of Minty Living or a different property manager going to spend a Saturday morning helping us mulch trees before Festival? Does a Hollywood director want to hang out with these kids?

What makes a neighborhood a neighborhood? Is it the houses or the people? Is it owners or residents? Is one sighting of, say, Daniel Kaluuya or Hailee Steinfeld on one day of the year worth 364 other days when no one’s kids from these houses are walking to the pool, or prank-ringing your doorbell and legging it, or being so adorable that you end up buying a dozen boxes of Girl Scout cookies, or tossing a baseball with dad in Freedom Park?

Jeanne and I moved into our home on Waverly Way twenty-two years ago, and during our first Christmas season in Inman Park, our new neighbors Cathy and Bo Bradshaw invited our sons Thomas and Andrew, ages 11 and 6 at the time, to join several other children to decorate gingerbread houses which Cathy had baked with her own hands in her own kitchen.

Does Amy Schumer bake?

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