From now until at least May 2022, Inman Park volunteers will gather on the third Saturday of each month to

  • prune branches that are growing into the sidewalk or street,
  • remove vines strangling trees in our parks and greenspaces,
  • cut out or pull up invasive plants that crowd out our native species.

You can help by telling us where you have noticed that a sidewalk is obstructed or a park space is being overtaken by vines.

Leave a comment on this post with your suggestions, and thanks for the help!

8 thoughts on “TELL US WHERE TO WORK”

  1. Great idea! Outside L5PCC on Austin Ave – first tree in from Euclid under the street lamp has a 2″-3″ branch about head-height, hidden in the shadows and leaf cover. We discovered it the hard way during an evening walk to Wrecking Bar! Hoping to join you all in this work soon.

  2. Euclid ave between Waverly way and druid circle. Two houses on the one side with unkempt sidewalk in need of pruning

  3. Springvale Park has had a couple of trees fall over the past few months that have done a lot of damage. The city took months to remove the large portions of the trees and left a lot of the smaller ones. There’s still a section with caution tape around it. Thank you for the work you do.

  4. Hi Jim, The overhanging branches along Moreland Ave offramp (across from the Wrecking Bar) are a constant threat from trucks hitting them and leaving them in the street. Seems like I clean them out of the street a couple times each year.

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