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  1. Jim, What a great pleasure to have you along with us yesterday morning on the tree walk. A wonderful event, full of new information, beauty, wonder , and real interest.

    The Hurt Coastal Redwoods blew me away. One of my favorite memories, and one of the few places I seemed to feel the Almighty’s presence, whatever that may be, was a visit to Big Trees State Park in CA in the Sierra Nevada( ?) mountains on the way to Yosemite. The park is near or maybe in Calavares County, of celebrated jumping frog fame. The several times I have been there , no one else was present ( I do not think the park gets a lot of visitors) and the solitude, majesty , and immensity of the trees ( Redwoods and Douglas Firs) was stunning, and almost overwhelming.

    As was evident from my comments, I know little, really, about trees but that experience in Big Trees left a huge impression on me. To see Coastal Redwoods ( I assume the ones in Big Trees are another species -maybe Dawn Redwoods or something else) in GA had a similar effect.. Plus , I learned about marcesence. What a great

    Thank you,

    Rick Horder

    1. Rick, it was an enjoyable morning made more so by the welcome opportunity to chat with you and Lorri. I, too, am in awe of those massive trees out west, both the coast redwoods and the giant sequoias (the species you saw in Calaveras Big Trees State Park). My family and I once vacationed in Humboldt County, California, and as you say, walking alone among those trees is a near religious experience. In Atlanta, there is at least one other coast redwood at 1307 Merry Lane in Toco Hills — I haven’t seen it yet, but I note it in case you’re in that area. I hope to see you around Inman Park. Thanks for the note!

      1. So an entirely different species in Big Trees- showing my ignorance again.

        I know Toco area well so I will look for the tree. I assume no Sequoias in ATL?

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