The Future of Atlanta’s Urban Forest: First in a Series

It’s an exciting time for those of us who value Atlanta’s trees and urban forest. We’ve become used to scenes like this:

But help may be on the way.

Because after years of population grown in the suburbs and exurbs of Atlanta, explosive growth is coming to the city proper, and many people appear to understand what that means.

Because our leaders are focused right now on the impact that this growth could have on Atlanta’s extraordinary natural attributes, including our urban forest.

Because an exciting process is beginning — the Urban Ecology Framework, led by a firm called Biohabitats — to envision a future Atlanta that embraces and capitalizes on the value of the city’s green infrastructure.

Inman Park Tree Watch believes that our neighborhood can and should make its own distinctive contribution to that vision.

Accordingly, in the coming days, we plan to offer here on our website some questions and thoughts for your consideration, Inman Parkers, and to invite your responses.

Until then, you can read the Saporta Report’s article on Biohabitats and the Urban Ecology Framework here.

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