Time’s Up!

A couple of weeks ago we issued a challenge. Having noted that our neighbors Bob and Wendy Palmer Patterson (NW corner of Euclid and Hurt) have one of the most beautiful and interesting yards in Inman Park, we asked y’all to try to identify three trees located there.

Well, here’s the answer! (Click on photo to enlarge.)

Okay, so you flunked that one. In fact, we did not receive one single guess! Sigh. Makes us feel a bit like good ol’ Charlie Brown:

Want another chance?  Who can be first to answer these three questions:

  1. What’s prominently missing in this photo, if you think about how this house and its property look now? Be as specific as you can, please. (That’s what Google is for!)
  2. To which of the 50 states is that missing item important in an official sense, and how so?
  3. “Old Ironsides” identifies a historical object related to the mysterious missing element in this photo. What was “Old Ironsides”?

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