Looking for a Tree Service?

This is Chris Hastings of Arbormedics, one of several firms with which Tree Watch has collaborated in the past.

We get asked all the time by Inman Park residents to recommend a tree service. We always say: whoever you choose, be sure to ask whether that company’s arborists are certified by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA).

Also, please note that every reputable company has workers trained in how to climb trees using ropes and safety harnesses. Even when a very large tree must be removed, it may be possible for the workers to start at the top and remove the tree in sections, lowering them to the ground with their ropes. In sum, although the use of a crane or cherrypicker is sometimes unavoidable, often it isn’t.  And as you would guess, the price difference may be substantial.

Here are some some resources to help you find an arborist at a tree service.

The Georgia Forestry Commission maintains a good list of reputable businesses.  From that list, Tree Watch members have had personal experience working with Appleseed, Arborguard, Arbormedics, Bartlett, Boutte, Caldwell, Davey, and TreeInspection.  Alternatively, by using the GFC search form , you will get a list of individual arborists to contact.

Inman Park is fortunate to have Chris Hughes of Brookwood Tree Consulting serve as its consulting arborist. Chris is an ASCA Registered Consulting Arborist, a prestigious recognition for a select group of approximately 500 arborists worldwide regarded as having the best tree expertise and experience.

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