Each fall, Inman Park Tree Watch begins planning its next tree planting project, which typically takes place on a Saturday morning early in the new year. Here’s how it works.

  1. Working closely with arborists and landscape architects at Trees Atlanta, we identify broad areas and individual locations in Inman Park that need new trees.
  2. We contact these property owners, urging them to work with us to get new trees in the ground. At the same time, we place notices in the fall issues of the Advocator,  advertising to homeowners the opportunity to make their yards just a little greener.
  3. We meet individually with each interested home or business owner to present our recommendation. Discussion about species and planting site(s) continues by phone or email for as long as is necessary to ensure that the property owner is excited to participate.
  4. We order, have delivered, plant, water, and mulch as many at 60-70 new trees on that winter morning, relying on the strong backs and willing hearts of dozens of volunteers.
  5. Owners of our newest trees are invited to make a donation to Inman Park Tree Watch through Friends of Inman Park, a 501(c)(3) organization. In some cases, the cost of a tree may be funded by the City of Atlanta itself.
  6. Trees planted in the sidewalk planting strip are maintained by an urban forestry crew at Trees Atlanta for two (2) years, courtesy of funding from the City of Atlanta.

Planting a tree in your own yard and need some guidance? Never fear! Trees Atlanta has a wonderfully helpful tutorial.


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