The only problem with planting 1,000 trees in 15 years is that it takes a lot of work to keep them alive and healthy. Here’s how Inman Park Tree Watch does that.


A young tree benefits from skillful pruning to ensure that it develops sound structure. Tree Watch also prunes trees to keep branches out of our sidewalks and curbside parking areas, to correct problems in older trees such as co-dominant leaders and crossed branches, and to remove invasive, non-native trees from greenspaces. This tree in the Poplar Circle section of Freedom Park displays evidence — in the circles of woundwood that have developed over our pruning cuts — of Tree Watch’s maintenance efforts.


Spreading organic mulch over the roots of a tree provides essential benefits. Mulch keeps the soil moist and cool, inhibits the growth of grass and weeds, and ultimately decomposes to furnish the tree with nutrients. Have you seen one of our younger trees without mulch?  Contact us!


Jack and Alex understand that water is the source of all life!

Learn more about proper care for your trees from Trees Atlanta.

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